Michigan State Sucks!

Jamal Turner's game winning touchdown with 4 seconds left in 2012.

Jamal Turner’s game winning touchdown with 6 seconds left in 2012.

Michigan State sucks at football. I think we’ve learned that in the last week now. But for my last rant on why they suck we break down their illustrious history.

They started playing football in 1890. Their first game against the Huskers was in 1914 and we pounded them 24-0. ¬†They haven’t EVER beaten Nebraska, 0-7 overall. (Soon to be 0-8)

Now, they have been playing football for 123 years and yet, they have only been to 23 bowl games. That’s just sad. To put that into perspective. Nebraska has MORE bowl wins (24) than Sparty has in bowl game appearances. in case you don’t understand what I’m trying to tell you is Michigan States football program is basically Iowa’s football program minus the meth. This is all just another reason why Michigan State Sucks!


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